NRCH x Reflect

The wait is over, Enreach has landed!

The presale and launch of Enreach’s native token, NRCH is complete and with it a brave new world of finance is open for exploration. The Enreach protocol is vast, as is the range of possibilities it presents in not only the DeFi space, but in traditional finance too. Being the first fully regulated banking system to bridge these two worlds is no small feat but look beneath the hood of Enreach and you’ll find a literal treasure trove of tools:

-Staking & yield farming
-Market making & arbitrage
-Asset backed stable coins
-Exposure to real world markets
-Fiat On/ Off ramping

With all these and so much more besides Enreach may yet prove to be the thing that threw the unstoppable object. It’s like Arnie linking arms with Wall Street and Satoshi, its unlike anything else we’ve ever seen before, and that’s an understatement.

It would not be possible to do justice to the full power of Enreach in a single post (there’ll be more, I promise) so let’s keep things simple for now and look at a couple of ways the protocol is going to interact with RFI to provide utility and unlock value.

“Enreach’s biggest asset is legitimacy” — El Crypto Chapo

Have you ever considered the support structure that makes you feel confident in depositing your money into a bank? Even those with no knowledge of such things probably have some intuitive sense that their funds are protected should their bank account go up in smoke. For the most part we are inured to the benefits of third party validation and the legitimacy it provides, with consumer rights a keystone of most developed nations. The crypto space has eschewed that notion since its inception, leaning more towards privacy and anonymity above all else and while the issue of personal privacy certainly needs to be brought back into balance, we would do well to remember that a little accountability goes a long way. Crystal Blockchain, a crypto analytics company, created a report detailing how $7.8bn has been stolen from the crypto space through hacks and scams since 2011. Given this figure, it’s easy to see the value add that Enreach can provide through its KYC services, not just for its self or Reflect, but for the entire crypto economy.

“Enreach is creating smart contracts to hold liquidity. To interact with these contracts, you need the NRCH token” — Kashaf Bashir

So where does RFI come in?
There are several use cases for RFI in the Enreach ecosystem and what’s critically important is that each one generates volume and therefore, passive yield for holders of RFI/ ELE, not to mention locking up supply.

Firstly, Enreach will be launching five LP farming pools; four of these use RFI or ELE as one side of the trading pair. Here’s what will be available initially:


At the time of writing almost 20% of RFI has already been locked up in the Infinity Pool along with around 80% of the current ELE supply. The launch of the new farms provides even more opportunity for supply to be locked up, creating scarcity and benefitting price action.

Secondly, RFI will be used in tandem with fiat as backing for Enreach stable coins; these stable coins will come in the form of nUSD, nGBP and nEUR. Connect these coins to an on-chain banking system that is compliant to global trade standards and you begin to see the scope of the potential here.

One of the problems Enreach looks to solve is providing liquidity to telecom companies that are operating in ‘blacklisted’ nations and are prevented from interacting with global markets. This blacklisting has nothing to do with the companies themselves but can be imposed upon the nation due to the actions of the government. This creates a vast amount of trade potential which has remained inaccessible until now. Using asset backed stable coins creates a legally compliant avenue for trade with companies that have been otherwise cut off.
The important thing to remember here is that anyone who wants to interact with the Enreach smart contracts must do so using the NRCH token; thanks to the NRCH/ RFI liquidity pool, this level of NRCH trade alone will generate constant arbitrage opportunities which will increase trading volume. And we all know what more volume means right?
Yep, more passive income for RFI holders through frictionless yield.

The last thing I’ll mention here is the RFI Bond; possibly the crown jewel of Enreach (though honestly its difficult to choose) which will expose participants to the huge value of the global bond market to deliver a risk free yield. This protocol will use combined financial instruments on a semi fungible token framework to deliver the bond which will generate yield for the holder through RFI.

We’ve barley scratched the surface of Enreach here but the magnitude of what we’re walking into cannot be overstated. The value that Enreach will unlock for RFI through the use cases it provides, gives the promise of a very bright future for the Reflect ecosystem.

















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